Cisco CCNP Wireless資格に受かるための勉強法を紹介します。
受験者はCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360試験を受ける前にPassexam問題集を使って、きっとパスことができます。
最新のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360問題集を使用すると、短時間で試験に十分に準備させることができます。
弊社のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360参考書は一年以内に無料でアップデート版を提供し、一回で合格することを保証いたします。
弊社のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360問題集を使用すると、顧客とアプリケーションの要件の特定、予測ワイヤレス設計原則の適用、エンタープライズ ワイヤレス ネットワークの設計および最適化に必要なサイト調査の実施に知識についておおまかな理解があれば合格できると思います。
弊社のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360受験資料は候補者のニーズを満たすために自分自身の専門の心と経験を使用しています。

CCNP Wireless 認定で重点的に取り上げられるのは、ワイヤレス ネットワーキングの原理と理論です。
また、受験者がネットワーク ビジネス要件の評価とそれに基づく技術仕様策定、およびソリューションの導入を成功させる専門技術と洞察力を兼ね備えた、ワイヤレス分野のプロフェッショナルであることを認定します。

300-360 Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks(WIDESIGN)は、CCNP Wireless 認定に関する試験であり、試験時間は 90 分、問題数は 60 ? 70 問です。

PassexamのCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360試験資料を選択し、受験者のために最も適しています。
弊社のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360参考書は本番の試験と同じ問題が出題されます。
Cisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360の内容からの出題であり、練習問題と同じ問題もあったので簡単でした。
弊社のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360試験資料を勉強する必要があります。


1.0 WLAN インストールに関連する顧客要件を取得する  12%
2.0 WLAN 導入に関連する施設のタイプと制約事項を特定する  12%
3.0 WLAN の予測設計  14%
4.0 導入後のサイト調査  14%
5.0 導入後のサイト調査  15%
6.0 ワイヤレス ネットワークのインフラストラクチャを設計する  15%
7.0 リアルタイム アプリケーション用のワイヤレス アーキテクチャを説明し、設計する  18%

最新のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360問題集はPDF版及びソフト版を提供します。
ソフト版:真実のCisco CCNP Wireless資格300-360試験環境と同じです。受験者のために、試験環境を適応することができます。

1.A Cisco 7925 phone at a client?ˉs location is not registering with CUCM. The engineer analyzes a packet capture, sees that the phone receives an IP, and downloads the proper configuration file from TFTP successfully.
What type of messages should the phone be sending at this point?
A. H.245
B. H.323
Answer: D

2.After the completion of a site survey with Ekahau Site Survey tool, using the default color palette, it is noted that multiple areas are shown as white on the heat map when viewing 5 GHz signal strength data.
What does this indicate about the signal strength?
A. The area is below the minimum threshold configured on the tool.
B. The area is below the detectable level and indicates no RF signal.
C. The area is below -100 dBm at coverage cell edge.
D. The area is below -67 dBm at coverage cell edge.
Answer: A

3.An engineer must design wireless coverage in thick-walled stairwells.
Which information should the engineer refer to when determining where APs can be installed?
A. Local or National Building Code
D. Cisco Hardware Installation Guide
Answer: A

4.An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a medical treatment environment, which requires data and voice services.
Which of the following is a requirement for the design?
A. overlapping -72 dBm coverage from two access points
B. overlapping -67 dBm coverage from two access points
C. continuous -67 dBm coverage from one access point
D. continuous -72 dBm coverage from one access point
Answer: C

5.A network engineer is preparing for an office site survey with a height of 2.5 meters.
Which three components are recommended to complete the survey? (Choose three.)
A. Use APs with external antennas.
B. Use DoS attack on APs while measuring the throughput.
C. Use APs with built-in antennas.
D. Use a battery pack to power APs.
E. Use a drawing of the office space to draw AP and client placements.
F. Use APs with directional antennas.
Answer: C,D,E

6.An engineer is planning for a 24 Mbps data rate for a new installation.
What is the coverage area from the AP if the environment and other factors are not taken into consideration?
A. 225 feet
B. 80 feet
C. 150 feet
D. 100 feet
Answer: B

7.Which two options describe best practices that must be completed after a wireless installation is finished? (Choose two.)
A. Make sure that there are no spaces between the devices on the rack that the Wireless Lan Controller is installed.
B. Consult with the customer to ensure that the IT staff has a complete set of design and installation documents.
C. Make sure the customer is aware that they should consider purchasing a support contract immediately after the installation is complete.
D. Spend time with the customer to show them the controller GUI and inform them how they can reach the Cisco TAC if they have any problems.
E. Test all the customer?ˉs wireless devices and applications to ensure they are working properly.
Answer: B,E

8.What is a common cause for signal attenuation?
A. Cinder block wall
B. Office window
C. Metal door
D. Glass wall
Answer: C

9.The AP has been configured property for a VoWLAN survey The RF environment contains a noise of -87 to -90 dBm.
What is the target value for the cell edge reading?
A. -62 dBm
B. -67 dBm
C. -60 dBm
D. -70 dBm
Answer: B

10.An 802.11n implementation is being discussed. Users are satisfied with the potential 300-450 Mbps throughput of new 802.11n APs.
Which three bandwidth requirements are used to calculate per client bandwidth through an 802.11n AP network? (Choose three.)
A. 450 Mbps throughput is the client max for 5-GHz radio.
B. Channel bonding on 5 GHz is required for a client to have a 300 Mbps WiFi link.
C. 300 Mbps throughput is the client max for 2.4-GHz radio.
D. The remaining bandwidth is divided per device when more clients are connected to one AP.
E. 100 Mbps Ethernet switch port is a potential bottleneck.
F. Clean Air helps clear noise for 802.11n channel bonding to work.
Answer: A,C,E

11.An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a carpeted office space, which requires voice capability and location services.
Which two requirements are inputs to the design? (Choose two.)
A. overlapping -67 dBm coverage from three access points
B. overlapping -75 dBm coverage from three access points
C. overlapping-72 dBm coverage from two access points
D. continuous -67 dBm coverage from one access pointe. continuous -72 dBm coverage from one access point
Answer: BD

12.You have a customer that is building a new campus of four 3-story buildings that you have just completed the site survey for. The customer is interested in the mount of rack space they will need to allocate in either the building MDF or in the data center for controllers. Each building is going to require 75 APs to support voice and data.
How should the controllers be deployed to provide the least number of controllers, the highest redundancy, and the easiest management?
A. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + N redundancy method.
B. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + 1 redundancy method
C. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the 1 + 1 redundancy method and clients SO.
D. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + 1 redundancy method.
E. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + N + 1 redundancy method.
F. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + N redundancy method.
Answer: B

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CCNA Wireless認定200-355受験体験記

CCNA Wireless 認定によって、企業は、社員が SMB およびエンタープライズ ネットワークの Cisco WLAN において、基本的なワイヤレス ネットワーキング業務に必要なスキルを有することを確認できます。
200-355試験合格を目指すのであれば、PassexamのCCNA Wireless認定200-355問題集を解くだけでもできるかもしれません。
Passexamは、ネットワーク初心者がワイヤレス LAN 技術者資格200-355を受験するために必要な問題集です。
弊社のCCNA Wireless認定200-355参考書は集中的に学習出来なければ、勉強開始時の記憶が薄れて再勉強する必要が出てさらに時間がかかります。
弊社のCCNA Wireless認定200-355勉強資料はPDF形式およびソフトウェアを提供し、通勤時間で勉強してもいいです。

CCNA Wireless認定200-355受験体験記には、下記のとおりです





【出題形式 】

【試験時間 】
90 分




「Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals」(WIFUND) 試験 (200-355) は、制限時間 90 分、出題数 60 ? 70 問の CCNA Wireless 認定に関連する試験です。
CCNA Wireless認定200-355試験には、無線周波数 (RF) と 802.11 テクノロジーの概要、および中堅?中小企業やエンタープライズのワイヤレス ネットワークをサポートするために必要なインストール、設定、モニタ、基本的なトラブルシューティングの各タスクに関する知識が必要です。

CCNA Wireless認定200-355試験の出題範囲となる内容は次のとおりです:

1.0 RF の基礎  13%
2.0 802.11 テクノロジーの基礎  13%
3.0 ワイヤレス ネットワークの導入  16%
4.0 ワイヤレス ネットワークの操作  20%
5.0 クライアント接続の設定  16%
6.0 クライアント接続のトラブルシューティングの実行  13%
7.0 サイト調査プロセス   9%

弊社のCCNA Wireless認定200-355問題の難易度も高くないので、短期間でも集中して勉強すれば誰でも合格可能です。
実際のCCNA Wireless認定200-355問題集で勉強すれば、独学でも合格できるレベルの試験になります。
弊社のCCNA Wireless認定200-355試験対策を勉強すれば、独学でも200-355試験に合格することは可能です。
CCNA Wireless認定200-355問題と解答を暗記しただけで、試験に合格できます。

1.In the current RF environment, the noise floor is -95 dBm. A tablet needs an SNR of 25 dB to transmit at the required speed.
What must the RSSI cell edge be to meet the required SNR?
A. -120 dBm
B. -90 dBm
C. -70 dBm
D. -60 dBm
E. -50 dBm
Answer: C

2.An access point is currently transmitting at 4 mW. The customer needs to increase its signal strength by 6 dB to create a larger wireless cell.
What should the new transmit power be?
A. 8 mW
B. 10 mW
C. 12 mW
D. 16 mW
E. 24 mW
Answer: D

3.A wireless engineer is designing the wireless networking for a company with offices in two different locations.
Which two regulatory bodies should they check to find the maximum EIRP allowed? (Choose two.)
E. Wi-Fi Alliance
Answer: B, D

4.After installing a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller using the default settings, how often will the RRM update occur?
A. 30 seconds
B. 60 seconds
C. 300 seconds
D. 600 seconds
E. 3600 seconds
F. 7200 seconds
Answer: D

5.A customer has requested a single point of policy enforcement for LAN and WLAN.
Which deployment model should be used?
A. converged
B. autonomous
C. FlexConnect
D. centralized
Answer: A

6.A customer has asked for the proper port configuration to allow for LAG on a Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller to a Cisco IOS switch.
Which EtherChannel mode should be used on the switch to allow for the WLC to connect?
A. on
B. auto
C. desirable
D. passive
E. active
Answer: A

7.A customer has asked for its wireless equipment to be managed as securely as possible.
Which three management protocols will provide encrypted access to the equipment? (Choose three.)
A. Secure Shell
D. Telnet
E. SNMPv2c
Answer: A, B, C

8.When deploying a Cisco Cloud Wireless Infrastructure, what two destination ports must be open? (Choose two.)
A. TCP/5246
B. UDP/5246
C. TCP/5247
D. UDP/5247
E. TCP/7351
F. UDP/7351
G. TCP/7734
H. UDP/7734
Answer: F, G

9.A help desk engineer is attempting to perform a remote packet capture on the wireless network.
Which access point mode is necessary to perform this function?
A. sniffer
B. SE-Connect
C. monitor
D. rogue detector
E. FlexConnect
Answer: A

10.An engineer has been asked to upgrade the FUS on the Wireless LAN controller.
How can they monitor the status of the upgrade?
C. WLC Console
D. WLC Management in Prime Infrastructure
Answer: C

11.During a wireless site survey, the signal strength drops significantly when outside of the room containing the access point. The building is made of wood and drywall.
This is an example of which wireless anomaly?
A. absorption
B. refraction
C. fading
D. multipath
E. reflection
Answer: A

12.A wireless engineer has been asked to plan a deployment covering the aisles of a warehouse with optimal coverage while bleeding RF across aisles.
Which antenna type provides the necessary coverage?
A. patch
B. omnidirectional
C. Yagi
D. parabolic dish
Answer: A

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PassexamのCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550問題集は有利な価格を持っており、品質保証を持っています。
弊社のCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550参考書はPDF形式およびソフトウェアを提供し、通勤時間で勉強してもいいです。
弊社のCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550学習材料で勉強すれば、独学でも合格できるレベルの試験になります。
弊社のCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550参考書をしっかりと勉強すれば、独学でも試験に合格することはできます。


試験番号:300-550 NPDESI
試験名称:Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability
問題数:65 - 75問
試験登録:Pearson VUE
対応資格:Cisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist


弊社のCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550試験資料は専門的な知識も必要になりますが、一つ一つ理解すれば確実に合格点を取れる実力を身につけることができます。
弊社のCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550テキストを選ぶことで、独学でも基礎となる知識を身につけることができます。
弊社のCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550試験資料は独学でもほとんどの分野は理解することが可能です。


1.0 ネットワークプログラマビリティの基礎 16%
2.0 APIと自動化プロトコル 24%
3.0 データモデル 23%
4.0 操作 16%
5.0 コントローラー 21%

独学の場合、弊社のCisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550学習材料を使用すると、いつでもどこでも勉強を始められます。
Cisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist 認定300-550試験勉強だけでなく実務経験の豊富な講師を頼むこともできるので、現場での実践的な指導まで受けることができます。

1.How are authentication credentials sent in a Cisco APIC REST API authorization request?
A. by using OAuth
B. in a token in the header
C. by using Basic Auth
D. in JSON in the payload
Answer: D

2.Which two statements about OpenFlow are true? (Choose two.)
A. The Open Flow table contains header fields, counters, and actions.
B. OpenFlow automatically determines network forwarding rules.
C. OpenFlow interfaces with the management plane.
D. OpenFlow is a southbound protocol.
E. OpenFlow is an agentless technology, like Ansible.
F. OpenFlow is a northbound protocol.
Answer: BC

3.Where is the node-ui.log stored on the Cisco APIC-EM appliance?
A. in the /var/log/grapevine/services/node-ui directory within the container that is running the node-ui instance
B. in the Cassandra database instance that is running within the container that is running the node-ui instance
C. in the /opt/CSCOapicem/logs/node-ui directory within the Cisco APIC-EM appliance root
D. in the /var/log/grapevine/services/node-ui directory within the Cisco APIC-EM appliance root
E. in the Cisco APIC-EM Cassandra database instance
Answer: D

4.Which network configuration protocol uses JSON as a data representation format?
Answer: B

5.Which two statements about the NX-API are true? (Choose two.)
A. NX-API supports XML-RPC
B. NX-API is enabled by default
C. NX-API supports JSON-RPC.
D. The nxapi_auth cookie expires in 30 minutes.
E. NX-API maps to NX-05 NETCONF.
Answer: CD

6.Which two statements about YANG are true? (Choose two.)
A. YANC3 was conceptualized by Jerry Yang, former CEO of Yahoo.
B. YANG provides security beyond SSL 3.0.
C. YANG can be executed similarly to a Python script.
D. YANG is used by NETCONF to define objects and data in requests and replies.
E. YANG represents configuration, operational, and RPC data.
Answer: BC

7.Which computer security concept is violated when a web server is written that uses the "root" account for all Interactions with a Linux system?
B. Permit Root login
C. certificate-based authentication
D. principle of least privilege
Answer: A

8.An organization leverages a multivendor network to sell connectivity services using Layer 3 VPN and VPLS. Where possible, the organization wants to use common APis across vendors, in order to automate the configuration of network services.
Which technology should the organization consider for the southbound interface?
B. OpFlex
C. OpenFlow
Answer: D

9.Which statement is used to associate a submodule and a parent module in a YANG data model?
A. import
B. namespace
C. include
D. belongs-to
Answer: B

10.Which two network configuration protocols use XML as a data representation format? (Choose two.)
Answer: BC

11.Which two security techniques are important to implement a secured management network that is used to access the management plane of a Cisco ARC cluster? (Choose two.)
C. ip filter
E. route maps
Answer: C

12.What are two node types in a YANG data model? (Choose two.)
A. grouping
B. leaf
C. container
D. module
E. instance
Answer: AB

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