C_THR86_1702試験に合格したかったら、PassexamのSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702問題集だけでも充分だと思います
弊社のSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702参考書を使用すると、知識と経験を得るのに役立ち、試験に合格することができます。
弊社のSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702(SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Q1/2017)学習材料を選ばれば、全力に貴方達の合格を頑張ります。



弊社のSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702勉強材料を使用していることを安心することができます。
弊社のSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702問題集を使用すると、貴重な時間を節約するだけでなく、試験に参加するために使いやすさで感じさせます。
真実なSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702問題集を提供することに力を尽くしています。
弊社のSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702(SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Q1/2017)資料対策を使用すると、常に高いレベルに到達するための独自の知識を向上させています。
弊社のSAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702試験対策を使用すれば、あなたは良い準備と完全な知識構造を持っている必要があります。
SAP SuccessFactors資格C_THR86_1702問題と解答を理解してから、試験に合格することができます。

1.Which of the following functions in the Admin Tools can you use to delete compensation worksheets for
active planners? There are 2 correct answers.
A. Delete employees
B. Manage worksheets
C. Delete form
D. Update compensation worksheet
Answer: B,C

2.You want to extract the entire compensation from SuccessFactors and import it to your own Human
Resource Information System (HRIS).
Which report must you run to capture compensation data from your current compensation plan?
A. Budget roll-up report
B. Compensation adjustment report
C. Aggregate export report
D. Spreadsheet report
Answer: C

3.Your customer uses the following planning fields in the compensation plan template
- Promotion
- Merit
- Adjustment
Using the design worksheet in the Admin Tools, which standard field would you add to the compensation
plan template to display the total amount awarded?
A. Total Compensation In Local Currency
B. Total Raise
C. Total Compensation
D. Total Increase
Answer: D

4.You want to use a custom field called customStock as the starting point for stock guideline calculation.
What must you do achieve this?
A. Add the following code to the ccomp-rule useFor=”stock” section of the compensation template XML
B. Add the customStock field in the rule settings of the stock guidelines in Admin Tools.
C. Add the following code to the customStock field definition in the compensation template XML
D. Add a CUSTOMSTOCK column in the user data file (UDF) and use it as an import key for stock
guidelines in Admin Tools.
Answer: A

5.Your customer is using standard SuccessFactors fields and would like to display compensation data on
their employee’s live profile.
What is the correct sequence of steps you must perform to accomplish this?
A. 1. Create a portlet in the Admin Tools.
2. Add the background element section in the data model
3. Publish data to the employee profile.
B. 1. Publish data to the employee profile.
2. Create a portlet in the Admin Tools.
3. Add the background element section in the data model.
C. 1. Add the background element section in the data model.
2. Create a portlet in the Admin Tools.
3. Publish data to the employee profile.
D. 1. Add the background element section in the data model.
2. Publish data to the employee profile.
3. Create a portlet in the Admin Tools.
Answer: C

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「SAP認定アプリケーションアソシエート - ビジネス基盤とSAP ERP 6.07との統合」認定試験では、候補者がSAP ERP Business Processes Foundationsの分野で必要な知識を持っていることが検証されます。
PassexamのSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67問題集は実際の試験には役立つ知識があります。
最も的中率のSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67参考書を提供し、真実の試験と同じの質問数を使用すれば、きっと試験をパスできます。
高品質のSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67試験資料はあなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します
実際なSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67試験の内容を完全にカバーし、90点以上で認定試験をパスすることが可能です。



試験名称:SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.07
問題数:80 問
試験時間:180 分



購入対支払処理> 12%
加工生産計画> 12%
現金処理への注文> 12%
内部資産、固定資産、および企業資産管理(EAM)> 12%

PassexamのSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67問題集を使用すれば、一回だけでテストに合格できるように、職業技能を増強られます。
もし、受験者はSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67認証試験に関する学習資料をしっかり勉強して、成功することも簡単になります。
真実のSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67問題と同じで、十分に試験に合格させることができます。
最新のSAP ERP資格C_TERP10_67問題集を使用したら、3日だけ、C_TERP10_67試験内容を暗記してから、試験に合格することができます。

1.Which of the following are field statuses for Account Groups? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Impress
B. Required
C. Display
D. Optional
Answer: B,C,D

2.The basis functions in SAP are provided by:
Answer: C

3.You are explaining SAP ERP Material Planning to your colleagues. They are interested in learning about the functions of material requirements planning (MRP).
Which of the following statements correctly describe the features of MRP? (Select 2 Answers)
A. MRP can be run at the plant level.
B. MRP will first use forward scheduling to calculate the requirement's date.
C. Regenerative MRP planning will plan only those materials that have been subjected toan MRP change.
D. The suggested procurement quantity results from the lot-sizing procedure that is set inthe material master.
Answer: A,D

4.To view original document in the Product Structure Browser, you use which of the following?
A. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Viewer
B. SAP list viewer
C. ALV Grid Control
D. Document Info Record
Answer: A

5.Three different cost planning levels are available for planning internal order what are they? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Industrial planning
B. Overall planning
C. Primary/secondary cost and revenue planning
D. Unit costing
E. Cost Budgeting
Answer: B,C,D

6.List down the functions that are activated or deactivated directly or indirectly through the roles and sales document type? (Select 2 Answers)
A. Output determination
B. Transportation type
C. Availability check
D. Shipment scheduling
E. Packing
Answer: C,D

7.Which of the following are CATS user interfaces? (Select 3 Answers)
A. CATS Notebook
B. CATS time clock
C. CATS regular
D. CATS classic
E. CATS portal solution
Answer: A,C,D

8.Which Accounting provides Controlling Objects (CO objects) which allow an organization to internally track both costs and revenues? Identify from the following.
A. Internal accounting
B. External accounting factors
C. Management accounting
D. Financial accounting
Answer: C

9.The Kanban production type does not run with MRP.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

10.Which SAP ERP reporting solution enables the analysis of data from operative SAP applications, as well as other business applications and external data sources, such as databases, online services, and the Internet?
A. Logistics Information Systems (LIS)
B. Business Information Warehouse
C. Report Painter with flexiblelibraries
D. List viewer
Answer: B

11.Material master records must be maintained for consumable materials.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

12.Which of the following are item categories for a BOM? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Stock item
B. Class item
C. Variable-size item
D. Inventory item
Answer: A,B,C

13.The subareas of People Integration in NetWeaver include: (Select 3 Answers)
A. Collaboration
B. Integration broker
C. Portal infrastructure
D. Multi-channel access
Answer: A,C,D

14.How would you describe stock transfers and transfer postings in Inventory Management? (Select 2 Answers)
A. Transfer postings need NOT involve a physical goods movement
B. For both types of transfer, material and accounting documents are always created
C. A stock transfer is used to transfer material from quality inspection to blocked stock
D. A stock transport order can be used to enter a stock transfer
Answer: A,D

15.Your organization is implementing the Sales Order Management Business Process in SAP ERP. The implementation team asks your advice on the assignment of the Sales Order Management organizational levels to other SAP ERP organizational levels.
Which of the following statements correctly describe the assignment of Sales Order Management organizational levels in SAP ERP? (Select 3 Answers)
A. A plant can have many shipping points.
B. More than one distribution channel can be assigned to a sales organization.
C. A sales organization can be assigned to multiple company codes.
D. A plant can only be assigned to one sales organization.
E. A sales area can belong to only one company code.
Answer: A,B,D

16.What all things you can create in SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAPMDM)? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Cross-company,
B. Unified master data
C. Dependent systems
D. Define objectives
E. Analyzing processes
Answer: A,B,C

17.A service order is created. External operations for services are created for this order.
What document is created when this customer service order is saved and released?
A. A purchase order
B. A customer invoice
C. A purchase requisition
D. A service entry sheet
Answer: C

18.In SAP ERP Program and Project Management, operative indicators define the characteristics of a work breakdown structure (WBS) element, and also what tasks will be performed by the WBS element when the project is being executed.
Which of the following are WBS element operative indicators? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Planning element
B. Account assignment element
C. Budgeting element
D. Billing element
E. Cost element
Answer: A,B,D

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SAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74試験合格を心配していますか?
独学の場合、PassexamのSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74問題集を使用すると、いつでもどこでも勉強を始められます。
もし、SAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74試験に変更した場合、すぐにお客様と連絡します。試験の変更は心配しません。
弊社のSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74参考書だけ完璧に学習しても試験合格は必要ものです。
弊社のSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74勉強資料を使用すると、試験合格に役立つために全力を尽くすことを約束し、1年間の無料更新版を提供します。



SAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74認定試験『SAP Certified Application Associate - Modeling and Data Management withSAP BW 7.4』は、SAP Business Warehouse(BW)ソリューションのアプリケーションコンサルタントとして必要な知識を有することを確認するものです。

試験名称:SAP Certified Application Associate - Modeling and Data Management with SAP BW 7.4
問題数:80 問
試験時間:180 分



インフォオブジェクトとインフォプロバイダ・インフォオブジェクトとインフォプロバイダの作成  12%以上
データフロー・データフローモデル、BW7.4 へのデータフロー移行  12%以上
ソースシステムとデータ抽出・様々なタイプのソースシステムからのデータソース作成と管理  12%以上
データモデリング・データモデルの作成と変更に関連するタスク  12%以上
管理とパフォーマンス・SAP BW の管理とクエリパフォーマンスの最適化  12%以上
データウェアハウスアーキテクチャ・データウェアハウスアーキテクチャの定義とSAP BWデータウェアハウスワークベンチの使用方法 8-12%

弊社のSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74問題集を使えば、試験に合格するために豊富なITの知識と経験を習得することができます。
弊社のSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74参考書を使用すると、常に高いレベルに到達するための独自の知識を向上させています。
弊社のSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74受験資料は偉大な事業を実現するために信心を持つ必要があります。
弊社のSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74試験対策を使用すれば、あなたは良い準備と完全な知識構造を持っている必要があります。
弊社のSAP NetWeaver Certifications認定C_TBW60_74試験内容を理解していれば合格できると思いました。

1.Which actions can you accomplish using a process chain? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. Create aggregates
B. Activate DataStore objects data
C. Delete indexes
D. Delete InfoObjects
Answer: B,C

2.What can you use transformation rules for? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. To harmonize the data from different source systems
B. To store the source data in the Persistent Staging Area (PSA)
C. To enrich and change extracted data
D. To use an InfoPackage as a source object
Answer: A,C

3.What can you do during the data activation of a DataStore object (DSO)? There are 2 correct answers
to this question.
A. Upload data into the DSO
B. Delete the contents of the DSO
C. Update other InfoProviders from the DSO
D. Execute queries on the DSO
Answer: A,D

4.Which of the following standard aggregation options can you choose when you model key figures in
SAP BW? There are 3 correct answers to this question.
A. Summation (SUM)
B. Last value (LAS)
C. Minimum (MIN)
D. Average (AVG)
E. Maximum (MAX)
Answer: A,C,E

5.You have loaded data into a standard DataStore object. This data has NOT yet been activated.
What can you do to accelerate the activation process?
A. Choose the SID Generation During Activation option in the settings of the standard DataStore Object
B. Choose the Overwrite option for the key figures in the transformation rules
C. Choose the unique data records option in the settings of the standard DataStore object
D. Create additional indexes for the standard DataStore object
Answer: C

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